Yeah, I know this place has been a little dead for over a year, I had a kid and my final year of university to contend with, but I've been diligently shooting away and not posting anywhere beyond a private place for my family and I (our dropbox).

But! But. I've decided that video could be an interesting medium to try, after all I've been watching YouTube since 2006, before the internet now what a vlogger was and they say understanding what works is half the battle. Expect more, we're back to Canada for xmas 2015.


Lets not talk about how long its been. Instead lets talk about Gastown, Vancouver a bustling hub of everything Hannah and I love. We enjoyed a month on the West Coast last Christmas (I said lets not talk about how long its been) and got to explore Vancouver and Seattle to our hearts content.

We knew Gastown was a must after a huge cluster of interesting finds centred in this tiny little area and we made it our first outing there, wondering around making sure to drop into a few of our must-see spots, the first was Old Faithful Shop a space stocking plenty of quality items. They even had a frenchie to snuggle as we had to leave Eggs with my parents!

After browsing and buying a few select items that would fit in our cramped suitcases we headed for a caffeine fix at Revolver Coffee, I ordered an AeroPress with beans from Bows & Arrows based in Victoria, BC. I think about this coffee a lot as it was delicious and I've tasked Hannah to bring me some back when she takes Oak to meet the extended family before Christmas.

I loved Revolver, it was a very chilled atmosphere with perfectly finished details that scream attention to detail, like the plywood shelving cut at precisely 45° angles to match with the uprights in two angles! I found myself taking photos of the shelves in their toilets (yep, I'm that guy) for inspiration on unique storage solutions. I'll be glad to go back there one day, to drink their coffee and enjoy their space.

We strolled around Gastown for a little while longer, dropping in and out of shops we liked the look of, some honourable mentions include One of a Few, East Van Roasters, Nelson the Seagull, Neighbour and countless others I've failed to recall!

Our final stop of the day was Bestie, while its technically in Chinatown it is a must visit! Hannah's sister Sophie's friend started this little spot, serving high quality, well sourced Currywurst at insanely reasonable prices and their space is AMAZING.

I don't think the photos quite do it justice but this is everything I look for in a quality restaurant and the food was superb, I enjoyed a standard currywurst and a hardcider from Left Field Cider Co. again sourced from BC. Gah I love this place, I think we went back at least twice more before we left and it will be top of the list when we get back in the future!

 It seems Gastown is crammed with small businesses run by people that really care about their brand, and give all the attention they can to fellow creators based in BC, be that roasters or designers or wood workers. I feel this is how our world should be, good people helping good people do even better work.

Next up is our few days in Seattle!


Suzie from The Primal Kitchen and I have been chatting during #paleohour for quite some time, talking all things diet and lifestyle with loads of other UK folk, and realising she only lives up the road from Hannah and I, AND she is a member of Crossfit Wycombe. A place I want to start frequenting when Hannah and I's schedule is slightly more normal & the garage gym has lost its appeal or after the baby is born and the house is finished.

Suzie and her team have been very busy over the last few months creating the UK's first truly Paleo Bar, made from whole, real ingredients, and of course not containing any grains, gluten, refined sugar, soya or any of the other nastiness found so readily in our snack food these days. Each bar contains less than five ingredients, is cold press and super delicious. My personal favourite is the Brazil Nut & Cherry!

I have huge respect for Suzie and the Primal Kitchen in being a part of the UK community, she has been there from the beginning talking real food. The bars are appearing in countless Crossfit gyms across the country and the Facebook & Twitter  pages are promoting plenty of reviews from all over the internet including the GAPS, SCD, WAPF & JERF communities. Its great to see!

Also, the packaging is amazing. Its so refreshing to see a modern, interesting take on design that conveys perfectly what these bars are. I've tried to match this with my photography as after Suzie DM'd me about doing a review of the bars I knew I had to step up my game and create a photo I could be proud of, thankfully this idea hit me square in the face and I ran to the shop to buy piles and piles of nuts, cherries and coconut to capture my idea.

Seriously, give these bars a go, you won't be disappointed.